In 1984 Thomas Gorla starts his career as a junior booker at the first historical Milan based agency - FREELANCER - which represented the best hair stylist and make-ip artits such as Enzo Angileri, Serena Radaelli , Francesca Tolot (who then was working in Los Angeles with Charlize Therone – Madonna – Beyonce among others ) at, conbined with the most prestigious fashion brands exploded on the scene of the 80s.

This period had a strong and unforgetable imprint in his working experience. I a very short time he became one of the top bookers till 1994, the year in which he left Freelancer and decided to open TWA agency hair and make-up as propietary owner. Representing top talent that work in fashion, he has always been responsible for researching and creating the right job opportunities to build together their ever-evolving work path aimed towards achieving high quality and professional work standards.

Thomas Gorla

T.W.A. Agency Hair-Make Up Srl

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T.W.A. Agency Hair-Make Up Srl

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